January 19 2018, 19:00 JST

Japan on a reflation path in 2018

JMA Monthly Chartbook is a new product we are starting to publish in 2018. For the inaugural January 2018 edition, we present the Japanese economy through 34 charts, encompassing economic activity, inflation, politics, and longer-term issues. For each chart, there is a link that leads you to a corresponding interactive version that lets you explore issues further, providing more food for thought. The Chartbook also includes our latest economic projections. 
For 2018, we forecast Japan to post another robust growth close to 2%. We expect Japan to follow a path toward a full reflation in 2018. In our view, upside risks on inflation are currently underestimated. 
The access to the Monthly Chartbook is limited to our standard and corporate subscribers. If you are currently our free subscribers, please try our free 30 days trial to view the contents. 
JMA Monthly Chartbook: Japan on a reflation path in 2018