Special Election Webinar on October 16

We are holding a webinar on October 16, at 4 pm and at 10 pm in Japan standard time. The webinar will cover recent economic developments as well the economic implications of the election on October 22.

On the economic front, the news has been mostly favorable with a stronger export performance and signs for a better wage prospect for Japanese workforce. A wage inflation is a necessary ingredient if Japan is to reflate itself. On the political front, fresh poll results should be available by October 16 for us to analyze. We expect to see a continued decline in the momentum of the Party of Hope, Yuriko Koike’s vehicle for her ambition. In our view, there are chances that ruling coalition could be reorganized after the election, with the Party of Hope potentially joining the coalition. The reorganization may take some time to play out. We will discuss what could happen and why.

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