Cabinet Approval Rating

Approval rate for PM Abe declines, but within a business-as-usual range.

Published monthly by JMA. Updated to the month of December 2019 (published on December 24, 2019).

Brief Overview

Our Cabinet Approval Rate and Disapproval Rate are based on polling results of the following 7 media organizations: Yomiuri Newspaper, Mainichi Newspaper, Asahi Newspaper, Kyodo News, Nikkei Newspaper, NHK, and NTV. We produce simple average and trimmed average of their polling results for each month. For the trimmed average, we exclude the highest and the lowest from the poll results and take the average of the rest. Our series starts from January 2013. The Prime Minister Abe formed his cabinet at the end of 2012.

For individual polling results released by the media, please reference the links below. Some of the media have a dedicated page for polling results only in Japanese.

Yomiuri Newspaper
Mainichi Newspaper
Asahi Newspaper
Nikkei Newspaper
Kyodo News 

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