Long term economic trend

Brief Overview:

Long term economic trend represents the economic performance of developed and emerging countries measured on Population, GDP and per capita GDP annually back to date from 1500 A.D. We take only nine countries for comparison from the updated New Maddison Project database published by Maddison project scholars. Though there are missing data, we fill the time lag by extrapolating in between 1500 A.D and 1820 A.D. And we (JMA) estimate Population, GDP and per capita GDP after the year 2006 and extend them till 2020.

Historical time-series data are published by Maddison Project. We are thankful to Angus Maddison and his group of colleagues that initiated Maddison Project in March 2010. Angus Maddison was a world scholar on quantitative macroeconomic history, including the measurement and analysis of economic growth and development. We like to notify that we have not made any correction or modification to the original data published by Maddison Project. Inter-country comparison on economic performance relies on purchasing power parity converter (PPPs) developed by Kravis, Heston and Summers and to calculate GDP volume level, Geary-Khamis (GK) method was adopted with the benchmark year 1990 (GK $, 1990). For more information on the Historical data in the Maddison Project, please click here.