Japan Bank lending

Bank lending growth was around 0.2% in the month of May 2021.

Published monthly by Bank of Japan. Updated to the month of May 2021 (published on June 8th, 2021).

Brief overview of "Bank Lending"

In Japan, bank loans are still the dominant form of credit provision. At the end of 2012, loans outstanding made by private financial institutions totalled 698.9 trillion yen while corporate bonds including CPs totalled mere 93.4 trillion yen. “Bank lending” statistics, released by the Bank of Japan, surveys major banks, regional banks and Shinkin banks and together covers about 2/3 of the total private loans made in Japan. Financial institutions not covered by this statistics include agricultural cooperatives, credit unions and foreign banks. Bank lending statistics also includes surveys of deposits. At the end of 2012, total deposits surpassed the total lending by 173 trillion yen and the financial market tends to view this gap as a measure for the demands for JGBs by banks.

Bank Lending by borrowers

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Source: BoJ, JMA

The Next Release Date: July 8th, 2021.

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