Japan Corporate Goods Price Index

In January 2017,CGPI rose by 0.5% YoY for the first time in 22 months. This is in contrast to the 1.2% fall in December 2016.The rise in wholesale prices metric was led by petroleum prices which grew remarkably by 26.5% YoY.

Published monthly by the Bank of Japan. Updated to the month of January 2017 (published on February 10, 2017).

Brief overview of  "CGPI"

The Corporate Goods Price Index (CGPI) measures the price development of goods traded in the corporate sector.  One of the purposes of the index is to grasp the supply and demand conditions of individual goods, as well as to provide material for the economic assessment and the monetary policy decision-making.

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YoY% change in CGPI and CPI

YoY% change in CGPI and Import Price Index

CGPI by types of goods

CGPI by Import Price

Source: BoJ, JMA

The Next Release Date: March 10th, 2017.