September 19, 2018

Number of visitors to Japan

Inbound tourism on course to reach 40 million visitors by 2020.

Published monthly by the Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO). Updated till the month of August 2018 (published on September 19th, 2018).

Recent data trend

In November 2017, the number of visitors to Japan was 2.38 million, a rise of 26.8% year on year (YoY). The inbound tourism to Japan experienced a significant slowdown all through 2016 till early 2017, but since mid-2017, we are observing a re-acceleration. By country of origin, visitors from South Korea were the most numerous in November at 0.62 million persons, a large jump of 45.8% YoY. The number of visitors from China was 0.57 million in November 2017, a rise of 31.0% YoY. In recent...

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Brief Overview

“Number of visitors to Japan” is published by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). This number includes all foreign visitors to Japan except foreign residents in Japan and crew members.

Tourism from abroad is one of the few promising businesses in Japan. Foreign visitors to Japan doubled in the last decade and reached 10 million people for the first time in 2013, led by an increase of Asian visitors. In 2008, the Japanese government has set up the Japan Tourism Agency and set the initial goal to increase foreign visitors to 20 million in 2020. In 2016, having met the 20 million target, the government has revised up its target to 40 million by 2020 and to 60 million by 2030.

For more detail, see our report on foreign visitors to Japan

For more information, visit the official government page (Japanese only)

Foreign Visitors-Quarterly and Inbound Tourism Spending-Quarterly are published by Japan Tourism Agency as part of their Consumption Trend Survey for Foreigners visiting Japan. The main aim of the survey is to determine the actual consumption status of Inbound travellers from various countries. The methodology involves interviews with researchers at major Air and Sea Ports.

Note: The seasonally adjusted series for Foreign Visitors to Japan-Total, Asia, China, Korea, Taiwan are calculated by us. Method of seasonal adjustment: US Census Bureau X-13 ARIMA seasonal adjustment program was used. Transform Logarithmic transformation. Automatic outliers: Additive, level shift, temporary change and seasonal. ARIMA model: TRAMO Auto.

For more information, visit the official government page

Next release date: October 17th, 2018

Foreign Visitors-Quarterly

Inbound Tourism Spending-Quarterly

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