Industrial Production Japan

In November 2016, the industrial production index in Japan resumed its climb, expanding by 1.5% month on month. The production level is now the highest since January 2015.

Published monthly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Updated till the month of November 2016 (published on January 17th, 2017).

Recent data trend:

After a standstill in October, the industrial production in Japan climbed again in November, expanding by 1.5% month on month after a seasonal adjustment. Since the bottom in February 2016, the production has expanded by 7.1%. The strength seems to be following the strength in Japan's exports. Between February and November this year, real exports have grown by 6.4%.



The expansive outlook for November is reassuring for the bullish outlook on Japan that is taking hold after the surprise Trump victory earlier last month. Indeed, the economic data published in the last few weeks have tended to surprise on the upside. While we are maintaining our relatively pessimistic economic outlook, we will be reviewing our stance in the coming weeks. 

Brief overview of “Industrial production”

Industrial production is one of the key indicators to measure the performance of the Japanese economy. It also deserves special attention as it has a high correlation to the Japanese stock market. Its monthly report contains other statistics such as inventory, inventory to shipment ratio as well as a survey result for manufacturers’ production plans for the subsequent 2 months.

Quarterly Industrial Production and GDP

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Source: METI, JMA

The Next Release Date: January 31st, 2017 (Preliminary December Data)

                                            February 14th, 2017 (Revised December Data)