Yield Curve

JGB Yield Curve (1975-2018)

Note: Constant maturity yield, end of the month

Brief Overview of "JGB Yield Curve"

JGB Yield curve statistics that appear on this page come from Ministry of Finance and Bank of Japan. For more details and for most recently updated statistics, visit the official government page.

JGB Daily Yield Curve (January 2017-Present)

Note: For daily yield curve data going back to 1970s, please click here. But please note that this is restricted to premium or corporate subscribers.

US Treasury Yield Curve (1962-2018)

Note: Constant maturity yield, end of the month

Next Release Date: December 30, 2018

Brief Overview of "US Treasury Yield Curve"

US Treasury yield statistics come from U.S Department of Treasury. For more information, visit the official government page.

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In November 2018, Japanese 10-year JGB interest rates was 0.114% on average.

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In September 2018, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) purchased 8.0 trillion yen (book value) of JGB, up from 6 trillion yen in August. At the end of September, the BoJ held a total of 447.4 trillion yen of JGB

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BoJ Balance sheet

As of January 10 2019, the Bank of Japan held a total of 553.9 trillion yen in assets. Its JGB holding was 469.4 trillion yen, up by 37.9 trillion yen from January 2018.

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The consumer confidence index in August was 43.3, a marginal decline from 43.5 in July. After peaking in January 2018 at 44.6, the index has been on a moderate downtrend in the past 6 months.By comp

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