Death by Cause

Brief Overview of Cause of Death statistics:

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare publishes the number of death in Japan and by-cause breakdown. The data is published as a part of Population Statistics. MHLW publishes some of the population statistics, but it seems there is no releases in English. For related MHLW pages in Japanese, please click the link below. The statistics are published in three installments. The preliminary release is released 7 weeks after the end of the month. It includes only the key figures in the population statistics such as birth, deaths, the number of marriages etc. A breakdown of deaths by causes is included in the second prelim, published after 4 months. A confirmed data are released in annual installment. For example, the confirmed data from 2019 is scheduled to be published in early September 2020.

Some notes on the data. When we compared the data published in the prelim data and the confirmed dataset, we noticed that the data in the confirmed dataset are consistently smaller than the data in the prelim. Thus, if we compare the prelim data series for 2020 and the confirmed data series for 2019, this will create an upward bias. Since confirmed figures are most long lasting, we adjusted the prelim data so that it will be consistent with the confirmed data series. The adjustment is made through taking the year on year change in the prelim and applying it to the confirmed database.

Seasonal adjustments are ours, using the census X13 ARIMA package. The Benchmark is the average for the relevant month of the past 3 years. We excluded March 2011 to exclude the abnomal effect of the Great Earthquake in 2011 in calculating the benchmark

For more information visit the official government page (in Japanese).

The Next Release Date: Late May, 2020 (Preliminary release for March 2020)

                                   Early June, 2020 (2nd Preliminary for December 2019)

                                   Early September, 2020 (Confirmed release for 2019)