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Our mission is to provide a concise and timely analysis on the Japanese economy for the benefit of global audiences. Communication, especially in foreign languages, has always been a weakness for the Japanese, which was fine when Japan's economic might attracted foreign media and various other institutions to study and report on Japan - such days are long gone. In the last two decades, we saw foreign institutions reallocating their resources from Japan to other more exciting parts of the world. As a result, when we read reporting on Japan in foreign media, we sense a subtle but noticeable decline in the depth of understanding what is actually happening in Japan.

Many Japanese may even be comfortable with such neglection. But, the lack of understanding can be a critical deficit especially in time of crisis. What happened in the aftermath of the East Japan Earthquake was shocking as well as instructive for us. The Japanese government, in a crisis mode, hardly paid any attention to providing information to the non-Japanese audience. Such deficiency led to uncertainty and general loss of trust in Japan. We aim to fill this information void.

Tough roads await Japan. A fiscal crisis is almost a certainty in the near future. However, it is also our belief that Japan has the capacity to resolve difficulties and eventually return to a path of prosperity. We hope our service provides you with timely insights and a deeper understanding of Japan.

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