What's NewCOVID-19 Tokyo vs NYC: Slower infection gave Tokyo time to prepare.

In late March 2020, many warned that Tokyo will likely resemble New York City (NYC) in 2 or 3 weeks-time. At the end of March, more than 2000 already perished in NYC, while the toll was limited to 16. 3 weeks later, the death grew to 81 in Tokyo, while it accumulated to nearly 12,000 in NYC. In this report, we compared the growth rate of COVID-19 deaths and confirmed cases in both cities, using a log-scale chart as well as analyzing “number of days to double”. Data shows that the speed of infection in Tokyo was much slower than NYC, especially during the first 1 month since the first death was reported respectively. In NYC, total deaths and confirmed cases had “doubled in 1 – 3 days” for the first 3 weeks, reached to total deaths 2,546 on Day 22. In Tokyo, only 2 people died by Day 22. (May 18,2020)

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