What's NewDowngrading our 2020 outlook for consumption.

In May, the recovery of the real consumption activity index was much weaker than our pessimistic scenario we produced a month ago when we analyzed the April result. We have updated our three possible scenarios for the consumption trend in 2020, incorporating the result for May. Even in our optimistic scenario, we are looking at nearly 7% decline in private consumption in 2020. The scale of the likely decline in private consumption is truly horrific. In our view, the Japanese government needs to inject some energy into private consumption to prevent Japanese economy from falling into a vicious economic cycle. (July 07,2020)

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In June 2020, CGPI dipped by 1.6% YoY a fall from 2.8% in the previous month.

Latest July 9, 2020

Money Supply

Japan's monetary base grew at 6% YoY in June 2020.

Latest July 08, 2020

FX Reserve and Intervention

In June 2020, the Japanese Government did not conduct any FX Intervention. Japan had a total FX reserve of 1.383 trillion USD in June.

(FX Reserves & FX Intervention)

FX Reserves

Ministry of Finance publishes FX Reserve statistics. Japan’s FX Reserve is the second largest in the world a...

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Latest July 8,2020

Balance of Payment Japan

Japan's current account surplus in May 2020 was 821 billion yen, an increase from 252 billion yen in April 2020.

Confidence about current economic conditions rose by 23.3 points to 38.8 in June.

of "Economy Watchers Survey"

The "Economy watchers survey" is a monthly survey of people who are working in industries that are sensitive to economic trends, such as household activity, corporate activity, and employment which is released by the Cabinet Office. Household activity can be broken down into retail related, food related, service related and housing related industry. Corporate activity can be broken down into manufacturing and non-manufact...

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