What's NewThe second Covid-wave has arrived, but with hardly any deaths in Japan.

In Japan, when the diagnosed cases of COVID-19 decreased in late May, the government decided to lift the state of emergency order, while gradually opening up its economic activities. However, the number of new cases has been gradually increasing recently. Although the number of patients with serious symptoms are significantly less than those in May and the current situation is not as bad as before, if the government does not take more of a proactive action, the situation could become worse in the upcoming months. (July 22,2020)

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Latest January 22, 2021

Japan Consumer Price Index

In December 2020, Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation in Japan dipped to 1.2% YoY.

Latest January 22, 2021

Bank of Japan balance sheet

As of January 20 2021, the Bank of Japan held a total of 701 trillion yen in assets. Its JGB holding was 495.7 trillion yen, up by 22.9 trillion yen from January 20, 2020.

Latest January 21, 2021

Customs-Cleared Trade Japan

Japan's December exports up by 2% YoY.

Foreign visitors to Japan continues to remain at an all time low of 97.7% in December.

“Number of visitors to Japan” is published by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). This number includes all foreign visitors to Japan except foreign residents in Japan and crew members.

Tourism from abroad is one of the few promising businesses in Japan. Foreign visitors to Japan doubled in the last decade and reached 10 million people for the first time in 2013, led by an increase of Asian v...

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In December 2020, CGPI dipped by 2% YoY a fall from 2.3% in the previous month.

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