What's NewIn the BoJ March Tankan Survey, large manufacturers' sentiment fell to -8 from 0 in previous quarter.

Tankan is a short-hand in Japanese for Tanki Kansoku, meaning Short-term Observation. (April 1,2020)

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Latest April 1, 2020

Bank of Japan Tankan

In the BoJ March Tankan Survey, large manufacturers' sentiment fell to -8 from 0 in previous quarter.

Tankan is a quarterly poll of business confidence reported by the Bank of Japan, showing the status of the Japanese economy. It is an important financial measure in Japan and has considerable influence over stock prices and the currency rate.

Latest March 31, 2020

Industrial Production Japan

In February 2020, the industrial production index in Japan increased to 100.2 from 99.8 in January 2020, an increase of 0.4%. Manufacturers forecast their production to decrease by 5.3% MoM in March and subsequently increase by 7.5% MoM in April 2020

What is "Industrial production"? Industrial production is one of the key indicators to measure the performance of the Japanese economy and it deserves attention as it has a high correlation with the Japanese stock market. It monthly report contains other statistics such as inventory, inventory to shipment ratio as well as a survey result for manufacturer's production plans for the subsequent 2 months.

Latest March 31, 2020

Money Supply

Money Supply slowing across all measures.

Money Supply

The new job offers to applicant ratio, a leading indicator for the labor market, increased to 2.22 in February from 2.04 in January 2020.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare gathers information on job openings, applications, and persons who found employment made available at the Public Employment Security Offices to create indices, including active job openings to applicant's ratio, and publish it on a monthly basis to inform about employment referrals for general workers.

Latest March 31, 2020

Retail Sales Japan

In February 2020, the seasonally adjusted retail sales index in Japan rose to 103.2 from 102.6 in January 2020.

This survey is conducted monthly to clarify the trend in retail business activities of establishments (including department stores, chain stores, supermarkets, other large-scale stores and convenience stores) engaged in trade.

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