What's New Industrial production in Japan to fully return to pre-pandemic level in April 2021

Industrial production is one of the key indicators to measure the performance of the Japanese economy. It also deserves special attention as it has a high correlation to the Japanese stock market. (March 31, 2021)

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Latest April 8,2021

FX Reserve and Intervention

In March 2021, the Japanese Government did not conduct any FX Intervention. Japan had a total FX reserve of 1.368 trillion USD in March.

(FX Reserves & FX Intervention)

FX Reserves

Ministry of Finance publishes FX Reserve statistics. Japan’s FX Reserve is the second largest in the world a...

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Latest April 8,2021

Balance of Payment Japan

Japan's current account surplus in February 2021 was 1795 billion yen, an increase from 1497 billion yen in January 2021.

Latest April 8, 2021

Japan Economy Watchers Survey

Confidence about current economic conditions rose by 10.1 points to 41.3 in February 2021.

of "Economy Watchers Survey"

The "Economy watchers survey" is a monthly survey of people who are working in industries that are sensitive to economic trends, such as household activity, corporate activity, and employment which is released by the Cabinet Office. Household activity can be broken down into retail related, food related, service related and housing related industry. Corporate activity can be broken down into manufacturing and non-manufact...

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In February 2021, the industrial production index in Japan decreased to 95.7 from 97.7 in the previous month.

Japan's February exports dips by 4.5% YoY.

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