FlexSmart PRO is the
fastest way
to process orders in bulk.

FlexSmart PRO makes it "super simple" to process orders
within seconds for Flipkart Smart Fulfilment , Myntra (MDirect) , Meesho and other marketplaces
in just 2 steps, within minutes of setting up.

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How does it work - do I need to login to my Seller Panel?

Nope! Integrate and manage your marketplace orders directly from FlexSmart PRO. If you can copy/paste, you can use FlexSmart PRO.

How to process multiple picklist in one go?

Yes! Select Multiple Picklist and Generate Batch Picklist. After that process your orders Flexsmart.pro automatically process your flipkart smart orders in bulk.

Is it possible to print invoice and shipping label seprately?

Yes! In our application you can download mutiple type of printing option.

Is it possible to process RTM Orders?

Yes! You can process your Regular, Large and RTM orders through our application. Flipkart Smart Fulfilment provide three type of Orders.

  • Regular Orders (Single / Multi)
  • Large Orders (Single / Multi)
  • RTM Orders (Single / Multi)

Is it possible to process Myntra MDirect orders?

Yes! In our application you can process Myntra Bulk Order processing. You can generate Myntra Multi Picklist and Regular Picklist and Process all Orders in bulk. You can download Shipping Label and Invoices Separately. If you want to combine the download pdf  this feature is available in our software.In Myntra Bulk Order Processing you process 50 Orders in one picklist.

Is it possible to process my orders Automatically?

Yes! In our application you can subscribe automatic process my orders. In this process you don't need to create any picklist and process your orders. Our application automatically generating your picklist on time and process automatically. You need to login our system and print your invoices and shipping labels. Its save lots of time and reduce your SLA breach.

33.3 Million Orders Processed till 29-May-2023.

You're in great hands.

FlexSmart PRO is from eVanik Networks, the most awarded ecommerce solution provider.
12k plus ecommerce sellers rely on eVanik OneWorld Suite to automate their back-office marketeplace operations and skyrocket their online business.

Built for scale - better than the best tools (fastest too :D)

We've guaranteed thousands of orders getting processed within minutes, FlexSmart PRO has the technology to simultaenously process multiple picklists at the same time. Our tool has been trusted daily by some of the biggest sellers on marketplaces, along with hundreds of thousands of happy employees all over the Country. You're in good hands.
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Unbelievably low pricing, no long-term commitment

We run FlexSmart PRO the way we wish other companies did business. We're into clear transparent pricing & plans. You can subscribe to FlexSmart PRO with our multiple plans. We have multiple pricing plans to suite your needs going down to as low as just 5 paise per order processed.

Sellers loves FlexSmart PRO
It's a superfast (low cost!) way to
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FlexSmart PRO gives sellers a cutting edge advantae and saves over 90% of their time spent on manually processing orders one-by-one of marketplace seller panels. Surprise yourself, how easy it is!

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Footwear, Electronics Home & Kitchen, FlexSmart PRO helps sellers across categories.

Expect lots more customization coming your way soon with category based order processing. We are adding more channels to FlexSmart PRO to help you cover the larger pie of your business :)

"Quick" means super super quick.

We don't call it a software. Its your personal assistant and responds to all your commands instantly. Works faster than anybody else. Seriously!

Quick and powerful. As low as 5 paise per order

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The power of cloud-based platform will help you get started in seconds with access for all your users.

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Try it now & see.

Generate multiple picklists
at the same time (amazing!) -
Cropped labels and invoices
with continuous printing.

Add unlimited channels to your FlexSmart PRO
account in the same login. Smart select the account for
which you need to process orders!

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Automatically save all your processed orders, invoices and shipping labels.
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In the past year, FlexSmart PRO has helped hundreds of sellers process millions of orders in bulk at the cost of a cup of tea. We'd like to help you, too :)

Breaker one-nine! This is FlexSmart PRO, your fly in the sky. More and more sellers are realizing the benefits of faster order processing for their online business. Join the convoy of happy sellers that have made running success with FlexSmart PRO.

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In just 3 weeks of it's launch on Flipkart, FlexSmart PRO has become the number 1 tool for ecommerce sellers to process their orders. Its not just about the speed, but sellers have saved thousands of rupees everyday without any human intervention. Now if this isn't awesome, than what is :) Recommended by all major ecommerce marketplaces. Sign up for a free trial (100 orders) now

Your requirements are our vitamins;

We work hard to ensure FlexSmart PRO makes your life easier, so we're happy when you tell us a new requirement. Its our adrenalin.

Backed by eVanik Networks.

India's most awarded ecommerce solution provider.

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World-class support (by real humans!), and an
extensive resource library will have you
leaping tall buildings in no time.

Got a question for us? No problem! Real, actual people are here to help! If it's past our bedtime, you'll still find plenty of resources that will guide you through your giveaway.

We've got your back. Dive in and start exploring.
Dive on in & explore.

FlexSmart PRO's cutting-edge
cloud infrastructure makes
your order processing reliable & fast.

Behind the tool is an industry-recognizeed, cloud based infra­structure that's as flexible as it is rock-steady. FlexSmart PRO uses proprietary technology to get you the best results in the fastest possible time. We keep innovating at your engineering center 24/7. In the past three weeks, we've recorded the fastest and highest growing new sellers registering with us. These is what FlexSmart PRO can do for you;

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